Anxiety-fueled yoga teacher, writer & musician

“When you don’t know what to do for yourself, do something for someone else.” – from How to Walk Away by Katherine Center


Mental health is not an end destination. It’s a river that we are all rafting down together; ceaseless, rough, overall a breathtaking journey. One that is made easier when we work together. The river that I am currently rafting down is anxiety/depression-colored. Boulders and downed trees are frequently put in my path, sometimes making me topple out of my raft. These boulders and trees are sometimes just the struggle of daily life, but more often than not they are placed there by all of the complete insanity that makes up modern society. Homelessness, racism, sexism, politics, hatred, homophobia, complete inequality/inequity are only some of what knocks me off my raft, having direct detriments to my mental health. The one thing that always sets me afloat again is being of service to others. Hence the quote above. That’s how Aptly Anxious was born. There is so much in the world that makes me anxious, and aptly so because the world is a f***ed up place. The words on this blog are my way of processing all of it, with real-life, easy-to-adopt ways to turn your anxiety into love fuel to make the world a little bit brighter place.


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