• Katie

Today I Believe: Carrot Cake

What do I believe about carrot cake?

Day 3: #TodayIBelieve Writing Challenge

I belive that carrot cake is pointless. Listen. I know many people really, really...REALLY love carrot cake. But, much like how pineapples absolutely do not belong on pizza, VEGETABLES DO NOT BELONG IN CAKE.

No one eats cake because it's a healthy option. You eat cake because it's fucking delicious, and chock-full of stuff that's bad for you. Carrot cake comes across as wanting to dip your toes into the water of processed sugar, but not being able to surrender totally to the delectability of desserts unless there's a DAMN VEGETABLE INVOLVED.

If you are this person - this vegetable cake person, I urge you to consider other cakes, for the sanctity of desserts everywhere. I respect your choices and tastes, but I strongly disagree with whatever value you place on putting vegetables into your cake. C'mon. It's time to grow up and eat some real desserts.

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