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Damn Right, the Future is Female

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

February has come to a close and I hope it was a month of joy, peace, and learning about your privilege. With March beginning, it's time for a new topic. This month will be focused around Women's History Month and girl power in general. The way to honor this month is very similar to Black History Month - so much is rooted in you educating yourself on the subject matter.


According to womenshistorymonth.gov the month actually started out as an official proclaimed week, and over the years evolved into the entire month of March. Wikipedia describes the month as highlighting "the contributions of women to events in history an contemporary society."

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Well, kind of like Black History Month, HARDLY ANYTHING HAS CHANGED. Women are still viewed as objects that don't deserve the same opportunities as men, yet are still expected to carry the world of men on our backs, and to do so with a full face of makeup and stiletto heels. Before you get all up in my inbox about this, yes I know that not all men subscribe to this belief - but this is not unlike the idea of white privilege: if you are the oppressor (dudes), that perspective will have a continuous presence in your relationship with the world and you just have to be aware of that and choose to be better than the conditioning you have received over the course of your life. All of this is not to say that things aren't changing and getting better all the time, but the pace is glacial, to say the least. I'm a privileged white girl who has had plenty of opportunities throughout my life. Women of color are even MORE fed up and burdened with this shit. I strongly urge you to take a look at this report and corresponding article to see the disparities between not only women and men, but white women and women of other races. Basically it's all fucked.


There are many ways to do your part in addressing the issues facing women today. I've listed only a few:

  1. EDUCATE YO'SELF: Nearly every topic I discuss will always have this point listed as one of the best ways that you can help, in any circumstance. Having the necessary context for these issues is the absolute best way to begin your work toward fixing them. There are vast amounts of books, articles, movies, podcasts, etc. on this subject. One of my favorite books about womanhood is The Women Who Run With Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I highly recommend this as a place to start your quest for knowledge.

  2. Support women-owned everything: I feel like I'm being rather redundant, since the things I'm offering you are also synonymous with what we discussed during Black History Month - but it rings true when considering how best to support your community of women. Women Owned is a great place to start.

  3. Expand your idea of what a woman is: You don't have to be wearing lipstick, be genteel in nature, or even have a vagina to be a woman. Every woman in your life will have a different definition of what being a woman is to them. You (men) don't get to decide it's wrong. Your job is to accept and elevate.

Let's start there for now. I'll be posting more soon about this topic, but for now that should be enough to chew on. As always, get in touch so we can talk more about this topic. The conversation needs to be had. After all, the future is female.

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