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Today I Believe: Money

What do I believe about money?

Day 2: #TodayIBelieve Writing Challenge

Disclaimer: I am 100% aware of my privilege in most of what I'm saying here. But given that this is a writing challenge, I'm just getting the words out for now.

I believe that money is necessary, but it often gets in the way of finding true happiness and contentment. Maybe it's because I've existed somewhere between lower and middle class my whole life, but I'm not sure I'll ever be totally satisfied with the concept of money. For as much time and energy as I put into making, saving, and spending money, you think I would be less indifferent about it. I mean for goodness' sake there are thousands of songs written about it, whole careers are dedicated to the plight of money, people spend their whole lives working and dying for it. I get in arguments with my mom about this all the time. She is the kind of person who values stability and consistency, both in life and in money; and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. The reason we butt heads is because I value the complete opposite: freedom, purpose, and above all, happiness over money.

I've been there - that place where you are hundreds of dollars overdrawn and you have debt collectors on your back and you feel like you can't ask for help because the shame of having to expose your situation is almost worse than the actual situation you need help with.

I've also been on the other side of things - plenty of money to pay the bills and maybe order some Thai food every now and again. Maybe buy a pair of earrings. In both scenarios, there was plenty I was unhappy about, but there was always something to be grateful for or happy about - something that outweighed all of the burdens that money provides.

Money is important. Necessary. Consuming. But I just can't get behind the idea that it's the end goal. "You weren't just born to pay bills and die." Right? So of course, work hard, earn the money that you need to survive, but there are way more reasons to live than just earning money. Go find them.

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