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An Exercise in Finding Your Voice (#TodayIBelieve)

As a writer, your voice is everything. Your unique voice is what distinguishes you from all other voices. So when that feels out of reach, what is there to do?

As a musician, it has been thoroughly beaten into me to practice things until I am perfect. So naturally I thought if I just keep writing then my voice will come back to me and I'll recognize my expression again. It didn't work. I just kept getting frustrated and stuck not being able to recognize my own words, no matter how many pages I filled. I realized pretty quickly that all the things I was trying to write were not what actually what I had to say. I fell in love with writing through my pain and needing a way to understand it and look at it objectively. While there will always be pain - the woes of being human - there is now so much more in my life than only pain. I have grown from that pain and flourished into the person I am today. I have a whole new story to tell and that is worthy of exploration!

So, I do need to practice. But I need to practice uncovering what today's Katie has to say. I came up with a writing exercise for myself. Every day I will set out to answer the question "What do I believe about__________?" I came up with a bunch of topics, included a whole bunch that friends suggested, wrote them on tiny pieces of paper, and put them in a jar.

Topics include things like "living underwater," "tattoos," "organized religion," and all kinds of other random stuff like that. Every day I'm going to pull a topic out of the jar and answer the question: "What do I believe about_________?" My thinking is that if I can catalog my opinions and personal truths on a variety of subjects, I'll discover what I honestly have to say.

I'll post most of them, or at least I'll try to! This is a good exercise in accountability too! And hey, if any of you out there are struggling with something like this - whether it be writing, painting, music, cooking, or whatever - feel free to join me at any time!

I'll start tomorrow, April 29th, 2020. If you would like to join me, use the hashtag #TodayIBelieve. I can't wait to get started! This is going to be fun. Challenging, but fun. Thanks for being my accountabili-buddies!

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